The ISBC offers visitors one of the most relaxing yet educative tours of her facilities. It also offers various aspects and attractions of Ecotourism as follows;

1. Stingless Bee Tour, where visitors are treated to tour our facilities and the Bee sheds to learn about the bees and their important medicinal

hive products and pollination services.

2. The Stingless Bee Walkway: Is about a 30 minute walk through the quiet and serene secondary tropical rain forest to experience various

economic trees and a refreshing walk.

3. The Bamboo Theater Halls offer our visitors very cool, shady, quiet and attractive centers where one can sit and reflect on the wonders of


4. The Tropical Pollinator Garden has various vegetable and food crops growing where one can learn first hand about the pollination process

and how stingless bees pollinate crops to produce quality fruits and vegetables for the market

5. Butterfly Gardens and Feeders attract forest butterflies to the site for visitors to view and admire the various species of butterflies within the

tropical environment.